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The TIMEFLIES series covers many interesting themes from science and history to time-travel and family dynamics. The Bug Buzz Book presents discussion topics assisting readers to further explore these fascinating subjects.

TIMEFLIES: The Maiden Voyage Discussion Topics

1. In Chapter 2, Sam shows Alisha and Griz the amber cubes. Though he says one lick is enough, it is unclear what the cubes do. He also pressures Griz into agreeing to something unknown and hides the cubes from his mother. What makes this behaviour suspect in real life? Discuss the dangers of consuming unknown substances and how you would respond in this scenario.

2. At the end of Chapter 2, Grizelda wishes she was a Summers. In Chapter 3, her trip to Toronto is tainted by her parents’ behaviour. Discuss what causes her to feel this way. Is this something you can relate to? Share your insights on how a child can improve communication with distracted parents.

3. In Chapter 3, to be supportive, Griz decides to keep her misgivings to herself and go along with Sam and Alisha’s make-believe. Would it have been better to be honest and express her doubts? Is it appropriate to tell white lies to avoid dashing the hopes of others, or is lying always wrong? Discuss.

4. Grizelda’s mother, Jennifer Ann, shoulders a heavy burden. At a young age, she is saddled with many responsibilities and is treated poorly by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Seeing this, Griz’s perception of her mother shifts from critical to appreciative. Discuss how childhood upbringing can influence future behaviours. Are we doomed to repeat history, or does seeing what we don’t like give us the motivation to create something better?

5. In Chapter 7, the TIMEFLIES escape from being crushed by Frank’s foot. They attribute their escape to insects perceiving time differently from humans. A study led by Dr. Andrew Jackson from Trinity College Dublin, found that flies perceive light flickering up to four times faster than we can, thus, seeing everything in slow motion. Could time be relative rather than fixed? Is time proportionate to size? Does time fly when you’re having fun? Have you ever felt time slow down or speed up? Discuss.

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