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Meet the Timeflies

Meet Sam, Griz & Lish in this FREE mini book. Learn more about the stars of M.C. GOLDRICK's time travel adventure series, TIMEFLIES. Find out what makes them tick & how they became flies on the wall.

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I Spy with My Little Fly

Kids become flies on the wall while spying with the Fly Guys!
Continue the I Spy fun found in M.C. GOLDRICK's joke and fact book series with this FREE activity & colouring book.

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Moon Time Prayer


Meet Sparrow, a young Métis girl who receives the teachings of womanhood from her auntie and grandmother.

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M.C. Goldrick

Mother of two humans, one canine, & infinite butterflies.

The recipient of a 2019 Book Excellence Award, Goldrick’s tales are humorous and heartfelt. Seamlessly embedding education in adventure and compassion in imagination, captivated readers are kept giggling and asking for more.

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Cindy Gaudet

Cindy Gaudet

Cindy Gaudet, PhD
Asst. Professor, University of Alberta

Cindy explores the sacredness and wisdom of women in Indigenous cultures. She shares these insights with readers of all ages in a playful and empowering manner.

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Jessycka Drew

Jessycka Drew

Artist, Author, & Social Worker, Jessycka is transforming scars into stars

Jessycka's whimsical, rhyming books tackle tough topics faced by little warriors. Helping young kids to know their power & how to transform scars into stars.

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Jessycka Drew

Leah Dorion

An accomplished interdisciplinary Métis artist from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Dorion is a teacher, painter, filmmaker and published writer with a BED, BA, and MA.

A self-taught visual artist, Leah credits her creative family for inspiring her to take up painting and traditional Métis arts. A skilled artist and storyteller, Dorion has illustrated numerous books and shares her history, education, and culture through her paintings. Dorion’s paintings honour the spiritual strength of Indigenous women and the sacred feminine and she sees her art as a spiritual expression influenced by traditional cultural teachings.

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Jessycka Drew

Melissa Oatman

Teacher, healer, channeller, spiritual teacher, and intuitive.

Delivering a daily dose of spirituality and self improvement Melissa is the host of the Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness podcast dedicated to improving lives and deepening spirituality.

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Jessycka Drew


The 9-year old daughter in a father-daughter duo who choose to publish somewhat anonymously.

Sharing stories of their lives in picture books Siena and her Dad are the creators of Siena's Stories.

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Adam Rowan

Adam Rowan is an emerging Anglo-Irish writer of YA fantasy.

Adam recently went on a trip around Europe and has a black lab called Mabel. The Republic of Reality is Adam’s debut novel.

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Educational Resources

Teachers and avid readers are invited to take the adventure beyond the pages with custom activities, games and more. 

The Bug Buzz Book Club

TIMEFLIES discussion topics and thoughts to ponder.

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Life of Fly

Facts about Musca Domestica better known as the common housefly.

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TIMEFLIES Travel Trivia

The TIMEFLIES' adventures send them through space and time, here we learn more about the spaces and places they visit.

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Buzz Words

Expand your vocabulary with Buzz Words from the TIMEFLIES Series

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